Amnesty Slams ‘Shameful’ Conspiracy Between China And Thailand

Amnesty International has condemned the Thai authorities’ “shameful” decision to return refugees and dissidents to China, including a Swedish publisher.

“Thai authorities are callously disregarding their international obligations under human rights law and international refugee protection, by lending support to the Chinese authorities’ crackdown on peaceful critics at home and abroad,” the human rights group said in a statement.

The group highlighted several cases, including Swedish national Gui Minhai who went missing in Thailand on 17 October and might have been removed to China, according to media reports and activists.

Gui Minhai is running a controversial publishing house in Hong Kong, specializing in books critical of Beijing’s Communist regime.

Maya Wang, researcher at Human Rights Watch, told me that Sweden’s government should advocate for his legal rights.

“Right now the details of this case is really unclear, but if they’re being targeted because of the political books they published, then the Swedish authorities should insist that he be released immediately”, she said.

A spokesperson for Sweden’s foreign office told me they are investigating the case.

Three of Gui Minhai’s associates also went missing in late October.